Dr Caroline Demangel

Caroline Demangel received her PhD from the National Institute of Agronomy Paris-Grignon (INA-PG) in 1991. She worked as a post-doctoral fellow on the generation of phage-displayed libraries of antibodies at the Pasteur Institute (Paris), then at the Centenary Institute (Sydney) on the design of subunit vaccines targeting dendritic cells. Back in Paris in 2002, she joined the team of Stewart Cole to develop novel approaches to mycobacterial disease diagnosis and prevention. Since 2011, she’s been directing the “Immunobiology and Infection” Unit in the Immunology department of the Pasteur Institute. Research in her laboratory aims at understanding the mechanisms by which pathogenic mycobacteria escape from human immune responses. Currently, her work is focused on the role played by lipid factors uniquely produced by these bacteria that perturb central metabolic pathways in immune cells. The long-term goal of these studies is to find novel ways to treat mycobacterial infections, and more generally to manipulate the immune system through metabolism.