Kim Newton

Kim Newton joined Genentech in 2001 as a postdoc after completing her PhD in the cell death lab of Andreas Strasser at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute.  As a postdoc with Vishva Dixit, she worked on several projects including the role of the adaptor protein CARMA1/CARD11 in lymphocyte development and activation, the effect of TNF family ligands EDA-A1 and EDA-A2 on hair, sweat gland and muscle homeostasis, and the characterization of a kinase called RIPK3, which turned out to be a key effector of a regulated form of necrotic cell death termed necroptosis.  The current mission of her group is to decipher the signaling mechanisms unleashing proinflammatory cell death programs that may exacerbate a range of inflammatory diseases.  The goal is to unveil novel therapeutics targets with the potential to benefit patients.