Prof Cui Hua Liu

Dr. Cui Hua Liu’s laboratory is mainly interested in studying the molecular mechanisms of pathogenic bacteria-host interactions. Bacterial pathogens secrete effector proteins into host cells, which usually modulate the function of key signaling molecules in host cells to promote the intracellular survival of the pathogens and cause diseases in hosts. Using M. tuberculosis as the main research model, Dr. Cui Hua Liu's group have identified several bacterial secreted effector proteins and host molecules that modulate bacterial invasion and intracellular survival, as well as host innate immune response and cell proliferation, etc. Results from those studies could provide novel knowledge and targets for pathogen-host interfaces-targeted anti-tuberculosis therapeutics. Dr. Cui Hua Liu has published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Cell, Nature Immunology, Nature Communications, etc.