A/Prof Sammy Bedoui

Dr. Sammy Bedoui has a medical degree from the Hannover Medical School in Germany and heads a laboratory in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Sammy’s research examines how dendritic cells and T cells interact during infections, with a particular interest in deciphering how specific innate signals shape these interactions. Sammy teaches Immunology to undergraduate students and leads an international PhD student exchange program with the University of Bonn in Germany. Sammy has previously held positions at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, the National Institute of Neuroscience in Tokyo and the Hannover Medical School. Sammy’s research has defined how particular types of T cells protect the host from Salmonella infections, uncovering that these responses are regulated through the stimulation of protein complexes within dendritic cells, the so-called inflammasomes. His work on virus infections has identified how different dendritic cell types contribute to the initiation of virus-specific immunity and has delineated how specific viral fragments augment these responses. Ongoing work interrogates the mechanisms by which T cells ‘help’ dendritic cells in driving immune responses. Overall, Sammy’s work has shed new light into understanding how dendritic cells integrate multiple signals into protective immunity against infections.